Singer Chaka Khan announces retirement from concert tours

 January 1, 2024

The music world was stunned when one of the legends in the business announced her sudden retirement.

According to the Daily Mail, singer Chaka Khan, 70, announced during a recent interview that she will step back from singing to focus on her great-grandchildren.

"I got this rich-*** life. I’ve got great-grandchildren I want to get to know better. So I will not do another tour," she told Rolling Stone in an interview.

She made it clear that she's not stepping back from live performances here and there, but will definitely never do another road tour.

Khan held nothing back when describing why she's done with the road tours, which she says takes away too much time from her family.

"Riding on a bus, pissing in a little bathroom, waking up in the morning and you’re five hours from your hotel where you can take a proper bath or shower and go to bed like a normal human being. And then you got a gig that night," Khan said.

"That’s friggin’ insane," Khan added. "It was just insanity. It’s like being a truck driver and a performer. It’s lonely as all get-out."

Khan also discussed the possibility of retiring from it all, joking saying that she might retire "three or four times," adding, "like other bi***es do."

People noted:

In 2023, Khan celebrated her 70th birthday and her 50th anniversary of being in the music industry with a handful of concerts. She’ll continue honoring the milestone next year — kicking off 2024 with a show in Los Angeles on Jan. 27, and then headlining a handful of festivals across the U.K. next summer.

Social media users reacted to her candid approach to retiring from the tour circuit and possibly fully, down the road.

"Chaka Khan's candid response to Rolling Stone suggests a level of playfulness and a refusal to conform to conventional expectations," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Chaka Khan's sass is surely something, isn't it? She's out here proving there's no age limit to being a diva!"

Khan recently made the list of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s class of 2023 inductees.