Democrat NYC councilman says Biden open border policies aim to destroy cities and create future voters

By Jen Krausz on
 August 5, 2023

A Democrat New York City council member got on Newsmax TV to tell the conservative host that he thinks President Joe Biden's real plan behind open borders is to destroy cities and create future voters.

Robert Holden said on Rob Schmitt Tonight that Biden was governing from the “how to destroy U.S. cities” in a single term playbook and that he doesn't believe all those illegal immigrants are seeking asylum.

Holden said, “I want a secure border, but, unfortunately, under President Biden, it’s an open border. And, again, it’s, how many are we going to take before it’s over here? This is Joe Biden’s how to destroy U.S. cities playbook — it looks like — in one term.”

"Why would you do this?” he asked, other than wanting future voters.

But there are many other reasons for Biden to deliberately destroy the country from the inside out, including the desire to rule people who are so desperate that they will do anything you say.

More than five million illegal immigrants have come into the U.S. since Biden took office.