She's LEAVING Joe Biden - Didn't Expect This...

August 13, 2022

President Joe Biden's senior communications aide Meghan Hays is leaving her position at the White House, officials confirmed.

Hays is most famous for serving as the White House Easter Bunny in 2022.

At the event, Biden was giving some rambling explanation about Afghanistan that was probably going to get him in some serious hot water.

All of a sudden, Hays, clad in a massive rabbit outfit, burst into frame and started furiously waving her arms just a foot or two in front of the president's mug.

She then quickly directed him elsewhere.

It's really scary just how confused President Joe Biden looks at the beginning of this clip before Hays saved him. He really looks like he didn't know if he was at a child's birthday party or on a stage in front of millions.

Luckily, Hays was there.

Unfortunately for Bicycle Joe, she won't be there anymore.

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