Sheriff Discovers Terrifying Chinese Murder Plan - America SHOCKED....

October 13, 2022

Mark Lamb is the sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona. As a result of that fact, he sees more of what goes on at America's southern border than most of us could ever dream of.

That means that he's privy to many situations that other Americans aren't. Now, he's uncovered a bombshell that could change America's foreign policy.

The fentanyl fueling the American opioid crisis is commonly believed to be coming from Mexico.

Mark Lamb recently made a shocking discovery. It's not coming from Mexico. It's coming THROUGH Mexico. It's actually coming from China.

"Centuries ago, there were the Opium Wars that literally almost brought a dynasty to its knees, and I think that China is now exacting that same fate on the West and on America," Lamb stated. "They’re bringing in the majority of the precursors that it takes to create the fentanyl. They give it to the cartels in Mexico, and then Mexico is producing the product that they’re transporting into Arizona and into America."

Could it be that the opium is not just a moneymaking scheme for the Mexican cartel, but a plan to destroy America from the inside out coming all the way from China?

Mark Lamb sure thinks so.

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