Several dead, including children, after weather-induced deadly landslide in Alaska

 November 28, 2023

A small community in Alaska was rocked with tragedy recently after a massive landslide buried homes and roads, and claimed several lives in the process.

According to Fox Weather, the landslide occurred just outside of Wrangell, Alaska, specifically along the Zimovia Highway, which is located in southeastern, Alaska.

The landslide was reportedly triggered by "a powerful atmospheric river that drenched the region for days," as Fox Weather reported.

Sadly, the death toll has continued to climb as search and rescue workers attempt to uncover victims of the tragic event.

The latest number, according to authorities, is four dead, and some still missing. The victims were identified as Timothy Heller, 40, Beth Heller, 36, Mara Heller, 16, Kara Heller, 11.

As of this writing, at least two more victims are missing, with search crews bringing in specialized equipment in an attempt to locate them.

Fox Weather noted:

The landslide occurred without warning, and first responders said the ground remained unstable, which could result in additional movement.

Images of the aftermath of the landslide poured in across social media. The area was described as a "fishing community."

Captain Darwin Jensen, commanding officer of Coast Guard Sector Southeast Alaska, issued a statement in the wake of the horrific and deadly disaster, praising first responders and members of the community working together throughout what became a total nightmare.

"The collaborative efforts displayed by the multiple organizations involved in the response efforts for this disaster reflect how the Alaskan people come together to help each other in times of need," Jensen said.

He added, "We offer our deepest condolences to all those involved in this terrible tragedy, and continue to search for the missing."

The extreme weather conditions that led to the landslide also triggered additional events in nearby areas. Blizzard-like conditions and 100mph winds on top of the torrential, sustained rainfall were contributors, and made search efforts extremely difficult, as authorities noted.