7 men tied up and burned by mob in South Africa

 December 4, 2023

A violent mob tied up and burned seven men in one of South Africa’s most violent townships, according to local police.

Diepsloot, a large town with hundreds of thousands of residents north of Johannesburg, has essentially fallen into anarchy as law enforcement is nonexistent, and now violent mobs are carrying out horrifying killings.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Mavela Masondo stated that a "Preliminary investigation suggests that in both incidents, the victims were assaulted and burned by the mob."

One resident, who asked to remain anonymous, told the media that "They were all chased, caught, and tied before being killed, yes it was a ‘necklace.' There are more police today, and we hope they will stay because we need them. There have been a lot of robberies, and people are angry."

South Africa has grown increasingly unstable, and there isn't any relief in sight as the corrupt government continues to lose control.

The country is suffering from a shockingly high murder rate, and unless something changes, there will be more mob killings.