Serial carjacker who murdered former Trump official previously had serious charges dropped

By Jen Krausz on
 February 5, 2024

The serial carjacker who murdered former Trump administration official Mike Gill had serious charges against him from a previous incident dropped by the Biden DOJ in February 2023.

The revelation arguably leaves Biden and his DOJ at least partly responsible for Gill's death.

Two years ago, on Jan. 23, 2021, Artell Cunningham of Maryland was arrested by police for trying to break into an apartment near Anacostia and Fairlawn where his siblings were, then threatening to kill police for detaining him.

His felony threats charges were reduced to misdemeanors, then dropped entirely, putting him back on the street to commit the series of violent carjackings that killed Gill and another man before police shot him fatally on Tuesday for pointing two handguns at them.

Many like Cunningham, who have had their charges dropped or drastically reduced in recent years, have gone on to escalate to more serious crimes.

In trying to be "fairer" to people of color and other disadvantaged persons who commit crimes, it seems that the justice system is throwing the door wide open to higher crime rates than have ever been seen before. It doesn't pay to be lenient and make people feel like they can get away with criminal activity.