Senator Tom Cotton blasts Joe Biden for undermining American leadership and leaving power vacuum for Russia and China

 March 20, 2023

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) said during an interview with FNC’s Sunday Morning Futures, that President Joe Biden and his administration have put a "kick me sign on Uncle Sam’s back."

Cotton claimed that Joe Biden's anti-American policies have weakened the United States and created an international power vacuum that Russia and China are rushing to fill.

During the interview, host Maria Bartiromo asked Cotton, "So, now we have our adversaries on the move, Xi Jinping meeting with Putin tomorrow. Your thoughts on this meeting?"

Cotton responded by saying, "Well, unfortunately, Maria, Joe Biden has put a kick me sign on Uncle Sam’s back. When America recedes from the world, it creates a void of leadership, and it’s not filled with peace and stability and understanding. It’s filled with our adversaries working against our interests, whether it’s Russia or China or Iran or North Korea. So many countries are questioning whether America is going to continue to lead the civilized world to protect our own interests and protect international stability and order that gives America’s — Americans the blessings of safety and freedom and prosperity."

China has become particularly active in conducting international diplomacy. China is currently brokering peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, and those talks are the perfect illustration for just how terrible a job Joe Biden has done.

Biden has refused to pursue peace in Ukraine, and that left the door for China to step in and further boost its standing with other nations. Biden's "void of leadership" is handing China the keys to the car and it's worth asking for whom he really works.