Senator says violent cartels are in Kansas thanks to Biden's border crisis

According to Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas, there are "active cartel members" in Kansas.

Republican Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas said that people in rural America are very concerned about security and safety due to the chaos that has occurred at the southern border under President Joe Biden's administration.

Marshall voted against the debt ceiling bill recently reached between Biden and House Speaker McCarthy.

Marshall listed three of the main issues with the debt ceiling bill while highlighting the amendment he put forth to secure the southern border.

"We were just back in the state last week; we probably did 15 roundtables," Marshall said, identifying one of the biggest concerns of Kansans as inflation.

Marshall also noted the lack of people for the jobs the state has.

“This bill actually makes both of those problems worse. This inflationary spiral started with Joe Biden borrowing and printing money. This bill is going to add $1.3 trillion at a minimum of national debt this year. You can mark my words, it’ll be more next year,” Marshall said.

Marshall added that he also wanted the bill to have work requirements for SNAP and Medicaid.

"At the end of the day, we lost the Medicaid work requirements. And this legislation on the SNAP part actually makes it worse," he said.

Marshall also explained that there will end up being "more people on food stamps rather than less."

Another reason Marshall said he rejected the bill was because of regulatory issues. Marshall said regulatory issues are a top five concern among businesses in Kansas.

Marshall said he also spoke to Border Patrol during a trip, and when asked what lawmakers could do, they told him to 'go back to the Trump policy,'" Breitbart reported.

"No more catch and release. Let’s go back to Remain in Mexico, however you want to do it," he said. "Just the day we got there, 10,000 people crossed the border illegally, 3,000 gone away in one day. Result six million people in America that illegally crossed the border since Joe Biden took over. This is an epidemic."