Senator says Biden 'not going to protect religious freedoms' of Americans

July 6, 2023

Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma says the White House is failing to protect religious liberty.

Lankford is making religious liberty a pillar of his political agenda while claiming that Biden's administration is failing to enforce basic protections on the issue.

The lawmaker's comments came in an interview with the Daily Mail that was published this week.

"My passion for religious liberty really draws from my personal faith, that I have the ability to be able to live my faith, practice my faith and speak about my faith," Lankford said in the interview.

Lankford is a a Republican senior senator from Oklahoma who served as a Christian minister for 22 years prior to assuming political office. According to Lankford, religious liberty is much broader than simple freedom to worship.

"Faith is not the freedom of worship. You have the freedom to be able to worship as you choose. It's the freedom of religion. It's the freedom to have a faith and live that faith. And so that that's been dear to me," Lankford said.

Lankford added during the interview that President Biden's administration has totally abandoned the basic legal protections for religious belief.

"This particular administration is not going to protect the religious liberty of conscience protections that are already in law," said Lankford.

"He drew particular attention to a legal case in which the University of Vermont Medical Center scheduled a nurse to assist with an elective abortion despite knowing her objections to the procedure. The Biden administration declined to act in the case," reported Fox News.

"They literally just trampled on her conscience rights," Lankford said.

Lankford also said that he thinks abortion will be one of the most prominent issues in the 2024 presidential election.

"It's not just an election issue. It is an issue about our culture. Do we value … every child?" the senator asked. "Do we think some children are valuable and some children are disposable? Or do we think all children are valuable?"

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