Senator Risch: Biden Needs To Address Chinese Balloon Invasion

 February 16, 2023

Senator James Risch, a Republican from Idaho, recently stopped by Fox News Channel.

While there, he appeared on Your World and told America that Joe Biden owes us an explanation about this whole Chinese spy balloon "invasion."

Risch said that "it is really important that the nation hear from the president of the United States on this. Just as importantly, the world should hear from the president on this. The criticism I would have is they have been slow to react from the beginning. Look, this was an invasion of the United States by a balloon that belonged to the Chinese government. It was sent in intentionally. It was spying intentionally. We know what it was doing. Obviously, that deserves the attention of the president in a very direct fashion. So given that, we all want to hear from the president." He added:

We need to hear direct policy from the president as to what he will consider when he does this. We’ve heard from a number of the people, whether they be generals or what have you, the various factors that entered into this. But people are very interested in the timing and the fact that nothing was done for a long period of time after this airborne vehicle entered in to the United States

It's unfortunate, but I don't know how likely Risch is to get answers anytime soon.

Biden has a lot of weaknesses, and one of them seems to be telling the truth and being transparent. He likes secrets like Bill Clinton liked interns.