Senator Lee: Classified Documents 'NEVER' Remain With Senators

 January 27, 2023

Senator Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah, is closer to the top of America's government than most of us would ever dream of getting. He knows the secrets that people like us will never come close to.

As a result, it's fair to consider him an expert in how the big boys of American government are allowed to conduct themselves when it comes to sensitive things like the viewing of classified documents.

Mike Lee has explained that he is completely baffled as to how Joe Biden took home so many classified documents during his time as a Senator, as "Senators see classified documents in 2 ways."

"(1) in a SCIF, (2) staff w/high-security clearance brings a document to a senator’s office in a locked case & opens the case long enough to read the document, no talking allowed, w/ doors closed."

But remember Mike, this is Joe Biden were talking about.

He doesn't follow the rules and doesn't give explanations. There's generally no good explanation for ANYTHING he does.