Senator Katie Britt Criticizes Joe Biden Over Debt Ceiling

February 2, 2023

Senator Katie Britt, a Republican from Alabama, is sick and tired of President Joe Biden.

The man is simply insane, and it's reflecting in our federal budget.

Dirty Joe Biden and his team are expected to miss their deadline to produce their budget for the third time in Joe's three years as president. You read that right. Biden has delivered his budget on time on exactly zero occasions and is on track to miss the deadline for the third year in a row.

Britt knows that the American people deserve to be treated better than this.

"It is past time to restore fiscal sanity in our country," she said, together with a group of fellow Republicans in a letter to Biden.

That's why she took advantage of an interview with Breitbart News to do something that Joe Biden has yet to try: telling the truth.

"The American people know that Washington’s out-of-control deficit spending has fueled the inflation that continues to crush families, small businesses, and retirees nationwide," Britt said. "It is past time to restore fiscal sanity in our country. President Biden and Senator Schumer are being reckless by refusing to even discuss a responsible path forward with Speaker McCarthy. This is not leadership – it is an abdication of leadership. Our children and our children’s children deserve better."