Senator Josh Hawley goes to bat for Donald Trump saying DOJ subverting 'the rule of law'

 July 30, 2023

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) appeared on Fox News' The Ingraham Angle, and slammed the Department of Justice for subverting the law in the indictment of former President Donald Trump for allegedly possessing classified documents.

During the interview, host Laura Ingraham asked Hawley, "Senator, it seems like, again, the two-tiered system of justice, Hunter [Biden] gets an agreement that would give him all this broad immunity. And meanwhile, they just keep piling on Trump from every corner."

Hawley responded by saying, "Now, Laura, we’re down to charging like random people, just throwing those into the indictments. Is it any coincidence that the DOJ rushes to add these new indictments today after the Hunter debacle, after their own self-dealing and two-timing is exposed, after they tried to hide from us the true extent of this plea deal that gets blown up and then it’s like, oh, we got to go indict Trump on something else."

The treatment of Hunter Biden vs. the treatment of Trump by the DOJ has left no confusion about what justice looks like in America today.

Hawley continued by saying, "I mean, it’s so brazen right now what they’re doing, it is really a subversion of the rule of law. I mean, they’re taking the rule of law, turning it on its head. And Laura, we cannot allow this to stand, the American people are not going to be safe, our rule of — our system of government is not going to be safe if this is going to be the new standard."

At this point, the only real recourse Americans have is to throw out President Biden in next year's election. Biden's replacement is going to have to purge the entirety of the DOJ before Americans can trust in the rule of law again.