Senator Graham Proposes Solution To Police Reform Roadblock

 February 1, 2023

Look, we know that police brutality is a problem whenever it occurs.

We also understand that being a police officer is an extremely stressful job in which you are only going to be judged on your worst moments while under intense and possibly life-altering pressure.

Since George Floyd died in Minnesota, Congress has been focusing on police reform in America.

Unfortunately, they've made little to no progress since starting this journey. One of the reasons is that nobody can agree on whether "qualified immunity" should exist in order to protect officers as individuals from being targeted in individual lawsuits.

As The Hill notes, "The House passed the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act in June 2020, but negotiations for a package that could clear the evenly divided Senate collapsed later. The brutality of the beating taken by Nichols, seen in police videos released last week, has renewed the ambition of legislators to get a reform package passed."

Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.), one of Democrats’ lead negotiators on the policing reform bill in 2020, plans to reintroduce a version of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act as soon as this week, according to Politico. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) suggested over the weekend that Booker and Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.), the Senate Republican lead on the bill two years ago, should come back together to negotiate a compromise on a new policing reform bill.

While most lawmakers are stalled because they are demanding complete qualified immunity or zero qualified immunity depending on which side of the issue they're on, there's one person who seems to actually have some ideas on how to solve this problem.

His name is Lindsey Graham.