Republican Sen. Eric Schmitt: Biden's Budget 'Wokest In History'

 March 11, 2023

President Joe Biden recently put forth his latest budget proposal, and many are considering it one of the worst they've ever seen.

If not the absolute worst, then it is almost certainly the "wokest." Honestly, what's the difference these days?

Senator Eric Schmitt, a Republican from Missouri, is furious that Biden is proposing funding his absurd agenda taxpayer dollars. He calls Biden's plan "completely out of step with the needs of the American people."

"It's the wokest budget in history, and it's a joke," Schmitt continued, adding:

When you dig down, and you drill down into the details, the billions and billions of dollars being spent on this climate alarmist agenda; or diversity, equity, and inclusion; or all this virtue signaling; is not in step with where the American people are at, and they want to see responsible governing, and see some fiscal responsibility in the budgeting like they have to do at home. And that’s not represented in this budget.

Biden isn't putting forth a budget that's good for America, he's putting forth a budget he hopes will please the most vocal minority.

That's how he picked his vice president, so is anyone really surprised?