Senator Cardin: Vladimir Putin has 'lost credibility with his own people'

 June 26, 2023

Democrat Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland said that the armed rebellion from the Wagner Group has revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has "lost credibility with his own people."

Anchor of Fox News Sunday, Shannon Bream, said, "So, how concerned are you at this moment? What does this say about Putin’s hold on power? There’s instability in a country that has thousands of nuclear warheads."

Cardin answered, "Well Putin brought this upon himself doing business with the Wagner Group, we know what they are thugs, dealing with thugs. So, this was not unexpected."

Cardin continued, "Putin has lost his credibility with his own people. His account of why he went into Ukraine is now being challenged, I think, with public opinion and Russia itself."

"We recognize that we have to be very careful with regards to the nuclear capacity of Russia," Cardin added.

"The United States is providing incredible amount of military equipment to the Ukrainians," Cardin continued.

"I think 75 billion dollars to date. We’ve organized the international community provided a great deal of assistance. Can we do more should be doing more? Absolutely. This is a critical time for Ukraine. This counteroffensive is to be defining as to where we’re going to be in the next year or two. So, it’s incredibly important we maintain our support and not be fooled by what’s happening in Russia today as to the need to the Ukrainians," Cardin concluded.

Cardin is serving his last term and will retire from the Senate in 2024.

"I enjoy life. There are other things I can do," Cardin said.

"The 79-year-old Democrat senator, who turns 80 in October, will serve the rest of his term which ends January 2o25. He and Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) are the state’s longest-serving elected officials after starting their careers in politics in 1967," reports Breitbart.