Senator Blasts Biden For Affront To Israel

 February 20, 2023

Republican Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee blasted the Biden administration for continuing to insist on reopening a consulate for the Palestinians in Jerusalem, calling it an "affront" to Israel that could have disastrous effects, especially with tensions already high in the city.

"I oppose President Biden’s controversial proposal to reopen a consulate for the Palestinians in Jerusalem," said Hagerty.

"A second competing U.S. diplomatic mission would be an affront to Israel and would be a bizarre act of 'diplomacy' to install a diplomatic mission over the objection of the host nation," Hagerty added.

"Hagerty served as one of the members on the committee interviewing Ambassador Richard Verma, President Biden’s nominee for the deputy secretary of State for management and resources – effectively the chief operating officer for the department," reports Fox News.

"Biden has repeatedly discussed plans to reverse former President Trump’s closure of the consulate that served the Palestinians in Jerusalem – a commitment that thus far remains uncompleted," according to Fox News.

Verma said before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that Biden will have to have Israel’s permission before opening any additional diplomatic missions in Israel’s capital city.

"The potential consulate remains a contentious issue as tensions continue to worsen in the city: A Palestinian last week plowed a car into a crowded bus stop in east Jerusalem, which followed weeks of violence in the city as Israel and Palestinians seek retribution for attacks on each other," reports Fox News.

Source: Fox News