Senate Republicans Stage Walkout Over Open Southern Borders

 December 7, 2023

The American people are really, really tired of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris leaving America's southern border wide open.

Now, Republicans in Congress are finally starting to stand up and take action on the issue.

Not only did they stand up, but they also walked out.

According to, GOP senators recently walked out of a briefing in order to communicate to the White House just how sick and tired they are of having this great nation's borders remain unsecured.

The walkout came just one day before the nation's big vote on the $107 BILLION spending package.

An amazing $61 BILLION of that money would be sent to Ukraine.

No matter which angle from which you look at it, America's liberals simply don't care about Americans.

They are willing to send our tax dollars to Ukraine.

They are willing to use our tax dollars to expedite and relocate illegal immigrants.

They are willing to use our tax dollars for evil, but not for good.

I would have walked out too.