Senate Has Only Passed 3 Out Of 12 Spending Bills As Deadline Approaches

 December 28, 2023

Wow, what a surprise.

Politicians in America getting caught doing little more than collecting a paycheck for sitting on their fannies.

That's exactly what is happening in America right now, as Congress is supposed to be able to agree on funding decisions very soon.

Instead, lawmakers really not making any progress.

The Senate has only passed three of the 12 appropriations bills in a "minibus" package.

This means that crucial decisions are simply being left to wait until after these rich politicians have had a nice lengthy vacation for the holidays.

In what other job are you allowed to not get your work done and then still head off on a break and kick your feet up on the taxpayers' dime?

These politicians need to be held accountable when they fail at their jobs, but too often they are allowed to just keep doing the same old same old.

Hopefully this wakes America up and shows voters that Biden's government hasn't been able to change much.