Senate Democrat Calls on Biden to Force Israel to Allow More Gaza Aid

 April 2, 2024

Senate Democrats are turning on Biden because they want him to be even tougher on Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Senator Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat from Maryland, was the latest Democrat to speak out against Joe Biden for his handling of the war between Hamas and Israel.

Apparently, Van Hollen thinks that we need to be harder on the innocent people of Israel and give grace to Gaza where the terrorists are located.

"I'm just saying to President Biden, you said 'no excuses' when it comes to getting humanitarian aid into Gaza. Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to drag his feet," Van Holland began before adding:

So, instead of just sending more bombs without in turn getting the request that you want, Mr. President, let's at least make this a partnership.

As long as Biden stands with Israel at all, there are going to be at least some Democrats who are unhappy with him.

It just goes to show how sick people on that side of the aisle can really be.