Sen. Roger Marshall says under Trump, enemies will once again fear the United States

 December 11, 2023

There are many in Congress hoping that former President Donald Trump not only wins the GOP nomination but goes on to win the White House in 2024, largely due to the future of national security concerns.

Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) is one of those hoping for a Trump win, as he firmly believes the former president will take a number of critical steps to secure the United States and shore it back up after President Joe Biden's weakening of the country all around.

According to Newsweek, Marshall recently said that if Trump wins next year, America's enemies "will fear us."

Marshall held nothing back during a recent Fox News interview, adding that people shouldn't "overreact" to Trump's strong rhetoric.

"President Trump spends a lot of time shining a flashlight and letting that left national media chase the flashlight a lot, so I would not overreact to every word he says," Marshall said.

Marshall added, "He's going to be the president of national security. He's gonna secure the border. He's gonna make the economy strong. His enemies will fear us and respect us."

The Kansas senator is especially fond of Trump's willingness to do whatever it takes to get the southern U.S. border secured again, like it was under Trump previously.

“The border, the border, the border, the border. We’re not doing anything for other national security issues until we secure our own border. Let’s make America first, let’s secure our own border," he said during a recent interview.

He added, "Joe Biden is willing to accept 300 people, 300 Americans dying every day from fentanyl poisoning, in exchange for 10,000 people crossing our border illegally every day. And again, among those 10,000 people are known terrorists, aliens of interest, ‘gotaways,’ so every day thousands of ‘gotaways’ are crossing our borders. They’ve infiltrated our country."

"This is why FBI Director Wray says all the lights are blinking red right now for the first time in his career. All the warning lights are blinking red right now," he went on.

Marshall formally endorsed Trump last week.

It's not surprising that he's all for Trump winning next year. Millions of Americans desperately want someone with the courage to make the moves necessary to secure this country.