Sen. Hagerty accuses Biden admin of going soft on China to get talks with high-level officials

By Jen Krausz on
 May 29, 2023

Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) argued on Fox Business on Friday that the Biden administration is going soft on China in order to get high-level talks with officials there and even omitted the mention of a Chinese firm that shipped elements for making fentanyl to Mexico when talking about fentanyl sanctions.

Host Maria Bartiromo asked, “The level of aggression also is stunning, given that there’s no response from the United States over and over again. We had a surveillance balloon traverse the country for a week, no response. You had a cover-up of COVID-19, no response. We don’t even talk about it anymore. … Should the U.S. be doing anything to push back?”

Hagerty answered, “It’s amazing. We’ve actually seen the State Department pulling down critical statements. When the Treasury secretary puts out a sanction that names a Chinese company for sending fentanyl precursors into America and into Mexico, our State Department actually rips that out of their messaging because they don’t want to offend — I presume, they don’t want to offend the Chinese."

He added, "They’re still trying to get some type of high-level meetings, and they’re willing to sacrifice our strength for that. I think it’s absolutely the wrong way to be dealing with this. We should be dealing from a position of strength and a position of power.”

What Hagerty did not mention is that China likely bought and paid for these concessions, if evidence coming to light about Biden family influence peddling is true.

Of course, Biden is going to be weak on China when CCP-linked companies have been paying his family members millions for almost a decade. Biden played corrupt games, and now the U.S. is winning corrupt prizes.