Sen. Britt Says Liberals Prosecuting Trump Because Of His Beliefs

 August 17, 2023

Senator Katie Britt, a Republican from Alabama, has some strong opinions about the fourth indictment of Donald Trump.

A single indictment was one thing.

The second indictment raised some eyebrows.

Trump's third indictment was really pushing the limits of common sense.

Now, a fourth indictment?

America has to draw the line sometime, right?

Britt is pretty sure that that time is NOW.

"People are sick of it," Britt said. "The American people are sick of seeing we have a two-tiered justice system in this country. And we’ve gotten to the point where America is just done. We’re done with the way Biden is handling things. We are done with the way Merrick Garland is handling things. People want this country to stand for and be a nation that we know and love. That’s just not what we’re seeing with this. If you see it — let’s just be clear: They are prosecuting Trump because of where he stands on issues for what he was able to accomplish on the America First agenda, the movement, hard-working Americans who form our country’s silent majority want to be heard."

"I think America is just sick of President Biden going after political adversaries when that very same Justice Department is turning a blind eye to the acts of the Biden family and Hunter Biden, and it’s sickening," Britt concluded.