Seinfeld Rips Hollywood's Hypocrisy On Antisemitism

November 4, 2023

Jerry Seinfeld is no stranger to Judaism.

It was a frequent topic covered in his smash hit sitcom Seinfeld, which dominated the American television landscape during the 90s.

While most of the show was about absolutely nothing, one of the "somethings" was the fact that Jerry Seinfeld is Jewish.

In fact, television critics even criticized the show for being "too New York" during its start, which is code for "too Jewish." They thought the content might not be able to connect with a broader national audience.

They were wrong.

Now, Seinfeld thinks Hollywood is wrong again.

Jerry recently put his name on a letter that condemned the Writers Guild of America for being the "only major Hollywood union" to not provide a statement in support of Israel.

The standard had been set back when the union was in full support of Black Lives Matter.

Seinfeld knows that ALL lives matter. Even Jewish ones.

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