Scranton residents humiliate Biden on the topic of 'Bidenomics'

 December 5, 2023

President Joe Biden and the White House have tried -- desperately -- to convince the American public that "Bidenomics" has been a positive thing for America.

Not only is it an embarrassing narrative, but even residents of Biden's hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania believe it's nothing less than a sick joke, Fox News reported.

At issue is a comment Biden made in November regarding the economy, in a clear attempt to spin how devastatingly bad it's been for Americans on his watch.

In an X post, Biden wrote that he doesn't "look at the economy through the eyes of Wall Street and Park Avenue," adding, "I look at it through the eyes of the people I grew up with in Scranton, Pennsylvania or Claymont, Delaware."

The problem is that people in those areas, especially Scranton, think he's full of crap. Anyone who goes to the grocery store and pays energy bills can attest to that.

"This economy sucks. I mean, everything's going up except paychecks. I just think the economy sucks ever since Biden got in," Robert Jones of Scranton said, adding that he believes Biden is the "worst president we ever had."

Another resident of the town, identified as Kevin, added "I don't think any of them see through the eyes of the people. I think all of them see it through the eyes of Washington."

A man from a nearby town pointed out that Biden leans heavily on his Scranton roots, but noted that Biden "abandoned" Scranton long ago, thus invalidating his ability to speak on behalf of the residents there.

"He has no idea what's going on – it's an absolute mess," a man called Jason said. "He abandoned Scranton when he was 4 years old. So the fact he keeps using Scranton is hysterical."

Another local resident, identified as Nellie, echoed Jason's sentiment, saying, "He's not a Scrantonian."

"I don't think he has enough to say about what it really means to be ‘from here' – I've been here my whole life," Nellie added.

Biden desperately wants to be seen as a president sympathetic and identifiable to the working class, but it's a farce. Biden has enjoyed a life of power and luxury and is disgustingly disconnected from the realities faced by people who not only live in Scranton, but in cities and towns across the country.

Most working-class Americans are struggling, bad, and no amount of spin from the Biden administration can change that fact.