Schiff Asked Twitter To Censor Journalist

 January 5, 2023

There's a reason liberals want so desperately to bury the Twitter Files. Many liberal news outlets have simply chosen to ignore them.

It's because they all look guilty as heck.

The most recent one to go down is Rep. Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California. Schiff reportedly pressured Twitter to censor the account of Paul Sperry, and investigative journalist who first printed the name of the impeachment "whistleblower."

The whole impeachment fiasco against Donald Trump was based on this "whistleblower," who Schiff illegally claimed had a right to anonymity.

Of course, he didn't bring up the anonymity excuse until AFTER he failed to follow through on his word and produce a whistleblower.

Schiff made an entire impeachment trial out of nonsense.

He lied about his contact with the "whistleblower," wrongly claiming his committee had never talked to the person. After The New York Times exposed that as a lie, Schiff admitted that he had.