Scandal plagued Republican George Santos sworn into office amid multiple investigations

 January 9, 2023

Republican George Santos was sworn in to represent New York's 3rd Congressional District early Saturday morning despite the multiple investigations he is facing over allegations that he fabricated information on his background.

A report by the New York Times found that Santos had fabricated a massive amount of information from his family to his work history.

Despite being shunned by other Republican lawmakers, Santos refused to answer questions from the media. Santos was also among the number of Republican Representatives who voted for Kevin McCarthy to be Speaker of the House.

Santos's alleged fabrications have gotten the attention of the Federal Election Commission which is now seeking information on certain donors that contributed to Santos' campaign.

Whether Santos will retain his newly won position in the House of Representatives remains to be seen.

No doubt he will be an issue for Republicans who will be fighting an intensely hostile media. Santos may be more trouble than he is worth, and Republicans could push for him to step down from his position.