Sarah Palin: Fox News Will NOT Recover From Carlson Departure

When former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin was asked about how Tucker Carlson's departure is going to impact Fox News, she didn't hold back, saying:

They're diminishing in terms of ratings. I don't think they're going to recover.

If Palin is to be believed, Fox News could be in major trouble.

Perhaps we're already seeing the beginning stages of that, as former President Donald Trump recently shocked America by agreeing to host a Town Hall meeting in New Hampshire on CNN. That came as quite a surprise, seeing as he already turned down two debates with other Republicans.

Palin made her comments on Newsmax TV. She said that Carlson's departure will have much more of an impact on Fox News than the departures of Bill O'Reilly or Megyn Kelly, because Carlson was the "anchor to the entire evening’s lineup."

Palin said that Americans are to the point where they are demanding truth from their news stations, and Fox News might not be able to provide that without Tucker. She added:

When that is stymied, and in my opinion is Fox wanted to stymy exposure of a lot of issues because it makes the left look bad because it is accurate. But once the Murdoch sons came into the picture, and they’re wives are very liberal. I think they’re proudly living out that label that they’re very leftist, liberal. That personal influence on the corporate culture I think was very strong and it is insurmountable.