Russian Government Claims It is In 'Hot Conflict' With US

 April 7, 2023

Russia recently issued a statement that shocked even Americans.

We're in a "hybrid war."

A Russian spokesperson has leaked that it is his country's opinion that the new Cold War between it and us is already over. Apparently, we've progressed right past that and are "playing with fire" and are entering the "hybrid war" stages of conflict with the nation.

Russia had better be careful who it is talking trash to. The country can't even handle its business in Ukraine, being pushed back by hand-me-downs from America's military.

America won't have to go around begging for help like Volodymyr Zelensky did, especially because the Russians are dragging Britain into this mess as well.

"I think we have already passed this period of Cold War. Now we are in the phase of a hot conflict with the United States. We are witnessing the direct involvement of that country in a hybrid war with Russia on various fronts," Russia's deputy foreign minister Sergey Ryabkov said.

The Russian government minister also claimed that America is to blame for rising nuclear tensions.

This is complete baloney, obviously. Russia is the one INVADING OTHER COUNTRIES.

America would NEVER do something like that to Ukraine.

There isn't enough oil there.