Russian drone attacks persist in southern, central regions of Ukraine

October 7, 2023

Thursday saw yet another round of Russian drone attacks on targeted areas in Ukraine, as Breitbart reports, with Iranian-made craft used to carry out the strikes.

The push came as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was in Spain for the purpose of securing additional strategic support from the West at a summit slated to host dozens of European leaders.

According to reports, the drones launched by Russia targeted the Odesa, Mykolaiv, and Kirovohrad regions to the country's south.

Ukrainian air force officials claimed that they were able to intercept 24 of the 29 craft sent into the aforementioned areas.

A regional administrator in Kirovohrad reported that the drone strike did hit an infrastructure facility, and while emergency services had been dispatched to address the situation, no human casualties occurred.

These most recent attacks come close on the heels of another series of drone forays sent by Russia into Ukraine over the past several days, which Reuters characterized as involving upwards of 40 of the aforementioned Iranian “Shahed” drones.

Ukraine's south military command reported successful shoot-downs of 30 out of the 40 craft launched in an overnight campaign late last month.

Twenty such drones were reportedly downed in the Vinnytsia region, while 10 were taken out in the southern Mykolaiv and Odesa areas.

According to Natalia Humeniuk, speaking for the Ukrainian Air Force southern command, said that Russian attacks on port infrastructure had continued and that strikes in other regions had been initiated in order to “impact the economy.”

Of particular priority to Russia has been the continuation of air attacks on grain export capacity along the Danube River as well as in the port at Odesa.

As Reuters noted, such attacks have persisted going back to July, when Russia withdrew from a prior agreement that facilitated Ukraine's Black Sea grain export operations.

In light of Russia's apparent tactics, Zelenskyy's trip to Spain was designed to bolster ties with Western allies ahead of what could be a particularly difficult stretch for Ukraine, as Breitbart explained.

“The key for us, especially before winter, is to strengthen air defense, and there is already a basis for new agreements with partners,” the Ukrainian leader posted to Telegram.

Zelenskyy also emphasized his hopes surrounding “joint work for global food security and protection of freedom of navigation” in the Black Sea,” though with the U.K. Foreign Office recently reporting on intelligence suggesting Russian plans to lay sea mines near Ukrainian ports for the purpose of targeting civilian shipping, the ultimate success of his efforts remains to be seen.

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