Russia shoots down two British-supplied Storm Shadow cruise missiles

Russia announced that it shot down two British-supplied Storm Shadow cruise missiles over the weekend and condemned the United Kingdom's involvement in the conflict.

Russia’s Ministry of Defence claimed on Saturday that it had taken out the missiles as well as “12 drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine."

The United Kingdom began supplying missiles to Ukraine last month and claimed that the weapons would be defensive in nation.

However, Ukraine revealed that the missiles that the United Kingdom gave them had "sufficient operational range, being capable of striking deep into the Russian-captured territory of Ukraine."

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is currently trying to get the German government to send Ukraine long-range Taurus cruise missiles which would be capable of striking Moscow.

So, with Russia shooting down British-made missiles, there is a legitimate fear of escalation. President Joe Biden must tread carefully and should discourage distributing offensive weapons like cruise missiles to Ukraine to avoid war.