Roughly a third of Democrats say Biden loss in 2024 would benefit economy

 August 20, 2023

Despite his repeated insistence that “Bidenomics” is working wonders for the nation's economy, large segments of the electorate remain unconvinced, including upwards of one-third of those identifying as member of President Joe Biden's own party, as Breitbart reports.

The bad news for the president came in the form of a Rasmussen Reports survey indicating that almost half of voters believe that a Biden loss in the 2024 election would be “good” for the nation's economy, while a shocking 38% of Democrat respondents agreed.

There were a number of alarming takeaways for the Biden camp contained with the aforementioned Rasmussen poll in addition to the surprising number of Democrats agreeing with the notion that a Biden loss would have a net economic benefit.

Among these was the finding that that 63% of all respondents deemed the economy as “poor” or “fair,” with 47% falling into the former category.

Seven out of ten Republican respondents registered the aforementioned sentiments, as did 48% of the all-important independent voter block and roughly a quarter of Democrats.

As the Washington Examiner recently noted, the Rasmussen survey was not an outlier in that recent CNN polling also indicated widespread voter distrust of the president's assertions regarding the health of the economy.

That survey found that 51% of respondents believe the economy to be in a continued downturn with conditions still on the decline.

The poll also found that just 37% of participants expressed approval of Biden's handling of the American economy with a staggering 70% disapproving of his approach to inflation.

Even so, Biden continues to boast about the supposedly positive effects of Bidenomics as well as of the Inflation Reduction Act, as ABC News explains.

During a recent event at the White House, Biden said that the Inflation Reduction Act represents one of the “most significant laws” ever enacted and claimed that Bidenomics is working to lower health care costs, “increase America's energy security; restore fairness to a tax code; create good paying jobs here in America,” and more.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has disagreed, however, saying that Biden has presided over forty-year inflationary highs and noting that “real wages are down, and gas prices are up” as the nation is “paying the price for failed leadership.”

Biden's insistence about the country's supposed economic health notwithstanding, Bob Cusack, editor-in-chief of The Hill recently expressed his belief that unless a shift happens fairly soon, the president's reelection hopes may be all for naught.

“These numbers, if they don't improve, Joe Biden's not going to get a second term – I mean, it's as simple as that,” Cusack said during an appearance on Fox News' America Reports.

Cusack went on, saying that “at the beginning of the summer, the White House put out a press release saying Bidenomics is working, but people don't believe it.” With regard to Biden's plans for another four years in the Oval Office, Cusack bluntly opines, that fact represents “a big problem.”