Ron DeSantis' campaign is stalling badly, falling far behind that of Donald Trump

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' campaign is starting to stall badly, and a litany of big moves has failed to generate any real interest that could propel him past former President Donald Trump.

Trump has jumped to double-digit leads in different polls across multiple states, despite his massive legal troubles.

DeSantis simply cannot differentiate himself from Trump sufficiently to steal the former president's support base, and his more extremist stances have made him a tough sell with more moderate Republican voters and Independents.

Despite all that, DeSantis seems unphased as he said, "This is a marathon, not a sprint." Considering there is over a year to go before the Republican National Convention next July, there certainly seems a long way to go.

Furthermore, the candidate debates could be game changers for DeSantis, as they will give DeSantis his best shot at contrasting himself with Trump in the eyes of voters.

However, with Trump seeming to be an unstoppable juggernaut, it seems DeSantis' campaign is doomed. Trump is determined to win a second term, and neither DeSantis nor the Democrat-controlled Department of Justice will stop him.