Ron DeSantis Wants FBI To Move From DC To Field Offices

 June 14, 2023

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stopped by the Hugh Hewitt Show on June 12 for one of his first stops on his campaign tour as an official candidate in the 2024 presidential election.

While there, he dropped a BOMB on President Joe Biden's personal attack dog agency, often known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

America's FBI has been RIDDLED with corruption in recent years.

From placing parents on terrorism lists for wanting to know what their children were learning in school to withholding documents from Republicans that exposed Biden himself for taking a $5,000,000 from a Ukrainian company his son "worked" for, America's FBI has been OUT OF CONTROL lately.

Ron's solution?

Decentralize it! He said:

We will reduce the footprint of all these agencies — but particularly DOJ and FBI — within D.C. by at least 50%. I think if you look at something like the FBI, you have a politicized culture that’s developed within Washington, D.C. at headquarters, and I think it’s totally toxic to the rule of law. And so, taking that and saying, we’re going to radically reduce that size, we’re going to do more on the field offices, I think, would be a big deal.