Ron DeSantis Suggests Building Prison Next To Disney World

 April 18, 2023

In case Mickey Mouse and his little gang of friends have forgotten who's in charge in Florida, Ron DeSantis thinks he might have a way to remind them:

Build a prison next to Walt Disney World.

Maybe simply talking about it will be enough to bring the Walt Disney Co. back in line.

"What should we do with this land? People have said maybe create a state park, maybe try to do more amusement parks, someone even said like, maybe you need another state prison," DeSantis speculated, adding:

Who knows? I just think the possibilities are endless.

By now, you would think that Disney would be willing to cooperate with DeSantis at least a little bit. He already ended Disney's self-governing status in the Orlando area after things had been that way for almost five decades.

Disney CEO Bob Iger has called DeSantis "not only anti-business, but anti-Florida."