Ron DeSantis Signs Major Anti-Crime Legislation

Regardless of what Donald Trump says, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one of the most respected and efficient lawmakers in the country.

Florida is currently experiencing a 50-year record low crime rate, something that can NOT be said for most parts of the country in today's liberal America.

Ron DeSantis just made it even better.

On May 1, he signed legislation that he says will:

- Make child rapists eligible for the death penalty with the minimum sentence of life in prison without parole.

- Impose additional penalties on fentanyl and drug-related crimes targeted at children.

- Protect Floridians from disastrous bail "reform" policies.

He mentioned that his biggest reason for doing this was to avoid the crime sprees that have struck places like New York and Illinois:

"One of the worst things that they’ve done in places like New York and in Illinois. They’ve done things like eliminate cash bail," he said. "So what that means is you’ll have somebody commit a criminal offense, they’ll come in to face charges, and then they automatically get released back on the street without having to post any type of bond. And so what you’ll end up happening is those people before they’re even brought to trial on their current crimes, they then commit more crimes. So there’s more people that are victimized."