Ron DeSantis shoots down idea of being Donald Trump's Vice President in 2024

 March 26, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) shot down the idea of being former President Donald Trump's vice president in 2024 by saying he was "more of an executive guy" in response to a reporter's question on Thursday.

DeSantis said, "I think I’m probably more of an executive guy. I think that you want to be able to do things. That’s part of the reason I got into this job is because we have action. We’re able to make things happen, and I think that’s probably what I am best suited for."

Although DeSantis hasn't officially declared that he is running for president in 2024, his sparring with Trump has made it clear that a decision has already been made behind the scenes. DeSantis is already positioning himself as a more effective version of Donald Trump and is using his record as governor of Florida to appeal to Trump's base of voters.

Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) is one of those firebrand conservatives who supported Donald Trump. However, he has switched his tune and proven that DeSantis's strategy is viable and could snag him the Republican nomination.

Roy stated "I believe it’s time for a new generation of leadership. It’s time for younger, but proven, leadership to offer America eight solid years of transformational change. It’s time for Ron DeSantis to be President of the United States."

DeSantis has the record and the will to fight the left without the baggage that Trump brings to the table. There is still a lot of time left, but it seems that Trump and DeSantis are set for a massive face-off over the nomination.