Ron DeSantis says he will support legislation to abolish the IRS if he is elected

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he would be "welcoming" of any bill from Congress that would abolish the Internal Revenue Service and create a new agency in its place to clean up corruption.

DeSantis confirmed his support for abolishing the IRS in an interview with conservative radio host Dana Loesch on The Dana Show.

During the interview, Loesch asked DeSantis "Are you for a fair tax, a flat tax, where do you stand on that?"

DeSantis responded by saying, "So, the answer's yes. I think the IRS is a corrupt organization and I think it's not a friend to the average citizen or taxpayer. We need something totally different."

Thanks to Republicans failing to hold the line, the IRS will be adding 87,000 new agents who will audit and harass normal Americans who are already heavily burdened by taxes and a shaky economy.

DeSantis has firmly opposed the expansion of the IRS and last August, he said, "I think it was basically just the middle finger to the American public, that this is what they think of you. They are going to go after independent contractors, they’re going to go after small businesspeople, they’re going to go after someone that may be driving an Uber or a handyman or all these things. Why would they do that? Because you’re not going to be able to contend with the audit, so they’re going to crush a lot of people by doing that."