Ron DeSantis Reveals Shock Election Plan - Voters Cheering...

October 15, 2022

Ron DeSantis has revealed an election plan that MANY were not expecting out of the conservative leader.

He's expanding BOTH early voting AND mail-in voting for the counties that were struck by Hurricane Ian.

Sure, liberals have been trying to use mail-in voting as a way to get around election laws for years now, but Ron DeSantis is showing he's not above to using liberal ideas when those ideas are going to benefit his people.

The difference in this scenario is that the people of Florida NEED this help. Liberals want to hand it out in other places because it's easier to create fraud AND get people's votes counted who would never leave their house on election day.

Ron's doing it for the right reasons, just like always.

That's why the liberals absolutely HATE him.

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