Ron DeSantis praises Donald Trump in new book despite attacks

 February 27, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) released a new book titled The Courage to Be Free, in which he praised former President Donald Trump for both his endorsement of him in 2018 as well as Trump's support of grassroots conservative movements.

DeSantis wrote, "Since Ronald Reagan flew back to California on January 20, 1989, the GOP grass roots had been longing for someone who rejected the old-guard way of doing business and who could speak to their concerns and aspirations. Trump supported policies that appealed to the base in a way that GOP leaders in the DC swamp had been either incapable of doing or unwilling to do."

Trump certainly revitalized the conservative movement in a way that traditional Republicans like Mitt Romney and John McCain had failed to do.

More importantly, Trump was a fighter who supported those willing to fight alongside him. DeSantis continued by saying, "I had developed a good relationship with the president largely because I supported his initiatives in Congress and opposed the Russia collusion conspiracy theory."

DeSantis and Trump have been allies for the past few years, but now the two could be facing off in 2024 should DeSantis choose to run for President.

A recent poll of California Republicans found that DeSantis has an advantage over Trump. Without a doubt, DeSantis is the strongest candidate and has a realistic chance of dethroning Trump should he run.