DeSantis claims Trump doesn't understand the threat that the 'woke' movement presents to America

 June 5, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told reporters on Saturday that former President Donald Trump doesn't understand the threat that the leftist "woke" movement presents to America.

On Thursday, Trump said during an appearance at the Westside Conservative Club in Urbandale, Iowa, that "I don’t like the term ‘woke’ because I hear ‘woke, woke, woke.’ It’s just a term they use, half the people can’t even define it, they don’t know what it is."

DeSantis lashed out at Trump's comments by saying, "woke is an existential threat to our society." He followed that up by saying, "To say it’s not a big deal, that just shows you don’t understand what a lot of these issues are right now."

The Republican presidential race has quickly boiled down to Trump vs. DeSantis, with Trump holding a commanding lead and DeSantis working hard to break out of a rut.

DeSantis made a name for himself by waging war on "woke" culture and he has proudly declared that the state of Florida "is where woke goes to die."

The governor believes he can beat the former president by being better than Trump on his own platform. Trump started the war on "woke," and DeSantis wants to show Americans that he can win it.