Romney Uses Biden's Words Against Him: 'Time To Transition'

 September 15, 2023

When Mitt Romney is taking shots at you and America is loving it, there can be little doubt that you're not in a good spot.

That's exactly where Joe Biden finds himself, and Romney just called him out on it.

Romney won election to the Senate back in 2019 and is NOT seeking re-election in 2024.

Mitt might be named after a baseball glove, but even he knows that age is a serious factor when considering a person's mental ability.

I'm not saying that people in their eighties are worthless; I'm simply saying that when you slow down, it's time to step aside and let some more capable hands carry the ball.

Romney officially said that he was retiring because he's getting too old.

A reporter then asked if the "too old" thing should apply to Biden (80) and Donald Trump (77) as well.

"President Biden, when he was running, said he was a transitional figure to the next generation. Well, time to transition," Romney pointedly asserted.