Robert F. Kennedy Jr. becoming a threat to weak Biden

By Jen Krausz on
 June 8, 2023

When a president as weak as Joe Biden is running for re-election, there's always the possibility that someone will be able to challenge him for the party nomination.

That candidate is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and he's polling between 16 and 20% when such a challenge should not be more than a tiny blip on Biden's radar.

The fact is, both parties' frontrunners are pretty much the worst candidates they respectively have to offer, and their challengers (Kennedy for the Democrats and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for the Republicans) are posing more of a challenge than normal because of it.

Kennedy's place in one of the most famous political families in American history doesn't hurt him, even if he does "spread conspiracy theories," according to critics.

He comes across way better than octogenarian Biden does, which has got to worry Democrat elites who have selected Biden and are aiming to push him through as the candidate even if he does seem way past his prime.

At some point, we need to move beyond badly damaged candidates of advanced age, if we want the country to be seen as strong again.