RNC Withdraws Bid To Crown Trump Early

 January 26, 2024

Former President Donald Trump put in a request to RNC officials, and they complied.

They are not going to declare him the winner of the Republican primary battle just yet.

It's hard to tell if Trump is acting out of humility or something else, and it remains unclear what Trump would have asked the RNC to do if he wasn't the clear leader at this point.

Whatever the reason, when Trump heard that the RNC was ready to crown him the winner before his last opponent had dropped out of the race, Trump asked the RNC to take it back.

"While I greatly appreciate the Republican National Committee wanting to make me their presumptive nominee, and while they have far more votes than necessary to do it, I feel, for the sake of party unity, that they should NOT go forward with this plan, but that I should do it the 'Old Fashioned' way, and finish the process off at the ballot box," Trump recently said on social media. He added:

Thank you to the RNC for the Respect and Devotion you have shown me!

No problem, Donald.