RNC gets its way: Fox News reverses course, will allow Trump surrogates in debate 'spin room'

By Jen Krausz on
 August 23, 2023

After Fox News banned surrogates for former President Donald Trump from its debate spin room because he wouldn't attend the proceedings, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told Newsmax on Tuesday that the surrogates would indeed be allowed in to comment on his behalf.

Gaetz said that there had been some confusion initially about who would be allowed in, but that everything had been sorted out.

"We are going to have the Trump team in full force at this debate, we are going to have access to the spin room, we’re going to be there to observe the debate and I can’t wait to be giving my hot takes on Newsmax afterward and share with you my perspective on how it went," Gaetz said.

The debate is taking place Wednesday night in Milwaukee but will be missing the man who currently is the top candidate by far.

Trump has such a huge polling lead that he decided not to attend. He has also refused to sign the RNC loyalty pledge promising to support whichever GOP candidate wins the primary in the general election race.

It's still a good nine months or more until a nominee will be chosen, and anything can happen in that time.