RFK Jr's Family 'Concerned' His Candidacy Could Hand Trump 2024 Victory

 April 2, 2024

Liberals are so twisted that they'd rather support the elites at the top of their party as opposed to their own flesh and blood.

This is a tough lesson that RFK Jr. is learning the hard way.

Multiple reports have already come out that RFK Jr.'s elderly mother is the one leading the family attacking against him, but Robert's sister is speaking out as well.

She recently appeared on Good Morning America to call Bobby's run for the Oval Office "dangerous to our country."

"My biggest concern with Bobby’s run is that he is going to take votes away from Biden, and I think this election is going to come down to a handful of votes in a handful of states," Rory Kennedy explained to George Stephanopoulos.

"And I am concerned that voting for Bobby is going to take votes away from Biden and lead to a Trump election. And I’m very concerned what that will do to our country and to the world over the ensuing four years."

RFK Jr.'s campaign didn't respond when asked for comment.