RFK Jr. Praised Hillary Clinton's 'Character'

October 27, 2023

Any Republican who's thinking of crossing the line and supporting RFK Jr. in 2o24 needs to make sure they remember one thing:

Just because he's a better option than Obama or Biden doesn't mean that RFK Jr. is actually a good choice.

He only looks like a reasonable man when he's standing next to crazy old Joe Biden.

Unfortunately for fans of RFK Jr., when he's examined through any lens other than just a comparison to Joe Biden, the newly declared independent candidate probably doesn't have what it takes.

Our electorate needs a president it can trust, and RFK Jr. has proved multiple times that he does not meet that standard.

How do I know?

Because multiple times, RFK Jr. has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

At least one time, he's gone so far as to praise Hillary Clinton's "character."

Anyone who looks up to Monica Lewinsky's boyfriend's wife is simply not somebody that America can trust.