Review finds Biden administration was unprepared and caught off guard by Afghanistan collapse

A 21-page report from the State Department released on Friday confirmed that President Joe Biden and his administration were not ready nor expecting Afghanistan to collapse so quickly.

The Biden administration was not prepared to handle a worst-case scenario, nor did it even consider the possibility of what ultimately took place.

The withdrawal from Afghanistan was chaotic, and it became immediately clear that the Biden administration had completely failed to prepare. The evacuation was disorganized, many people were left behind, and some evacuated who shouldn't have been.

Worse, the chaos provided an opportunity for terrorists, who then struck by using a suicide bomber.

A suicide bomber detonated his payload at the gates of the Kabul airport, killing 170 people, including 13 U.S. service members. Better planning and preparedness for such a situation could have avoided that tragedy.

The Biden administration has refused to admit any wrongdoing, and even this report from the State Department will likely be memory-holed within the week.