RESTRICT Act Called 'Patriot Act On Steroids'

 March 30, 2023

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson isn't saying that America needs to support TikTok.

He's simply saying that it's important to know what Congress is doing.

In regard to the RESTRICT Act, Carlson thinks that liberals have gone WAY too far in what is being disguised as an effort to ban TikTok.

Apparently, the bill isn't just a TikTok ban. According to Breitbart, it "grants sweeping powers to the federal government to restrict the online activities of Americans, imposing heavy penalties on any citizen who circumvents it, including criminal fines of up to $1 million, jail sentences of up to 20 years, and the seizure and search of hardware and online accounts, including cryptocurrency accounts."

Sounds like exactly what liberals have wanted for YEARS. They're just using our newfound fear of TikTok to implement it.

Carlson said, "You would be allowing the executive branch — the Biden administration — to regulate speech on the internet. And if you are somehow involved with, quote, a foreign adversary — let’s say you oppose the war against Russia — you go to prison for 20 years."